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St. George’s corn – 1823

Connaught Journal – 24th April, 1823

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

TOWN OF GALWAY SESSIONS (abridged) – This case came on on Friday last. Mr. M. had been conveying corn from Oughterard, west of this town, to
Tyrone, Ballinderreen, the seat of his master, Arthur French ST. GEORGE, Esq.  On arriving at the toll-gap, toll was demanded of him by the traverser. Mr. M said, that he had no right to pay toll as the corn was not being taken into town for a market. The traverser insisted on what he considered his right, and a scuffle ensued in which Mr. M. was severely beaten.
When the traverser was called for trial, he was not forthcoming, and it was then discovered that no bail had been offered or taken for his appearance! Thus the case rests.  Mr. M., a poor man, has been in town for some days at expense, which he was not well able to bear, and the traverser has escaped, for the present, from the inflictions of the law.



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