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Across the County – 1824


Crushoa pier
Crushoa Photo: EO’D

Galway, Thursday, February 5, 1824

We have seen in the ultra portion of the Dublin Papers a statement of depredations committed by some Ribbonmen of the County of Galway, on the house and concerns of a Mr. Power of Mount Equity. We confess that the paragraph astonished us, knowing, as we do, that the County of Galway enjoys at this moment the most perfect tranquility. We shall not take it on ourselves to contradict the statement, until we shall have an opportunity of enquiring into the truth or falsity of it; but this we may be allowed to say, that we very much doubt the entire story. If the Gentleman’s house and concerns were attacked, that is no reason that the midnight ruffians should be termed Ribbonmen – for the Dublin Editor should know that there are others than Ribbonmen who can draw a trigger, or set fire to a hay-stack. Those who live by the insubordination of the “mere Irish,” overcharge their faults and vices, and look through green glasses upon the offences which they commit. We shall enquire about this circumstance; and we are of opinion that matters will be cleared up satisfactorily. This, we can assure the public, that the conversations which we occasionally hold with the County Magistrates are of a most agreeable nature, and induce us to think that the County of Galway might dispense with the services of the Police Gentry, whose “valuable labours” are now confined to the extermination of puppy dogs and untraceable scarecrows – may, sometimes, the grouse and wigeon come within the calibre of the loyal cartouche-box.



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