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April 25th, 1916

The Daily Gate City and constitution – Democrat April 25th, 1916
By J.W.T. Mason, Written for the United Press
New York – April 25, p.1

There can no longer be any doubt but that a grave situation of rebellion now exists in Ireland.The frustration of Sir Roger Casement’s efforts at gun running, has been only partly successful and it is practically certain that his expedition landed munitions on the Irish coast before the British naval forces intervene. More disquieting than Casement’s exploit, for the British government, is the fact that a well organized movement was ready in Ireland to make instant use of the arms imported from Germany. The “grave riots” announced in the house of commons this afternoon, are undoubtedly the work of pro-German agitators in Ireland whose propaganda the Dublin castle authorities have been unable to put down.
For many months there have been indications that a irreconcilable part of Ireland’s population has been preparing for a seditious uprising. The difficult of getting proper war equipment has been very great, owing to the stringent regulations of the British government. The Casement expedition provided for the first time sufficient munitions to influence the Irish leaders into ordering an uprising.
It is highly probable that the Germans ordered today’s naval raid on the British coast for the purpose of encouraging the Irish and throwing the British government into added confusion. How sweeping may become the Irish rebellion depends largely on the quantity of munitions that Sir Roger Casement was able to get ashore. The British government’s announcement that Casement’s operations covered two days and that only one vessel was employed, suggests only a limited amount of material was landed. When this is expended, it is difficult to determine where other important supplies can be obtained unless the troops quartered in Ireland mutiny. The most advantageous consequence of the Irish uprising for Germany will probably be the permanent detention with Great Britain of large bodies of troops that otherwise would be sent to the France-Belgium front.




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