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St. Patrick’s Day – 1824

THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL – 18th March 18, 1824land

[From the Irishman] (abridged)
We do not believe the memory of our Patron Saint was ever more honoured in the town of Belfast than it was on Wednesday last. Parties of 12,20,30 and 40 met to celebrate the christian labours of our Irish Saint. A large and highly respectable party, containing about 40 persons, dined at Falloon’s Tavern, in Sugar-house entry. The chair was filled on this occasion by James M’Clean, Esq.- Vice President, John Lawless, Esq.

It was a night of harmony, good humour, and good sense. The following toasts were given alternately by the President and Vice-President:-
“The Memory of St. Patrick.”
“The People-the only legitimate source of Royal authority.”
“Civil and Religious Freedom to all men of all climes and denominations.”
“The Friends of Freedom in Spain-may they soon resume the station they
deserve in their native land.”
“The People of Greece-may their great name be once more restored to the
world they have so long illuminated.”
“The United States of America-the unanswerable proof to mankind that their
peace and happiness are ever best secured by the participation of equal rights
and privileges.”
“A Free Press- the poor man’s protection-the Tyrant’s terror.”
“The President of the United States, James Monroe-may the Country over
which he presides for ever be the terror of the Tyrants of Europe.”
“The memories of Grattan, and Curran, and Ponsonby, the eloquent and
uncorrupted advocaters of Ireland’s Freedom.”
“Charles Sugrue, Esq., and the Chamber of Commerce of Cork.”
“The Independent Citizens of Galway.”
“Doctor Tennent.”
“The Stewards who regulated the present celebration of St. Patrick.”



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