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Deportation – 1915

Irish Examiner 15th July, 1915 p.5

The Burren Photo:

Dublin, Wednesday.
The “Evening Mail” says:-
The Government have ordered two organisers of the Irish Volunteers to leave Ireland, and it is understood they will refuse to obey.
Inquiries at the Headquarters today elicited the fact that Mr. Ernest Blythe and Mr. Liam Mellows have been served with expatriation orders, signed by Major-General Friend, commanding his Majesty’s forces in Ireland.
According to the terms of the order, Messrs. Blythe and Mellows are requested to leave this country before 10 o’clock p.m. on Saturday next, 17th inst. On the 20th they will have to report to the military authorities where they intend to reside, and, if the place is approved of, they will not be allowed to leave the district or country without permission. No charge has been made against either of the men, who have been re-organising companies of the Volunteers in various parts of Ireland. The order was served upon Mr. Blythe early on Monday morning at a hotel in Ennistymon, County Clare. District-Inspector O’Brien and a number of other policemen entered his bedroom before he had arisen. Having read the document, the proposed deportee left by the next train for Dublin. Mr. Mellows was in Athenry when the police conveyed to him the instructions of the Commander-in-Chief. Both men state quite positively that they will not leave Ireland.
Deportation orders have been served upon a number of other men in the Irish Volunteers, but in those cases they were only prohibited from entering certain areas.
Last night Mr. Pim, better known by his nom-de-plume “A. Newman,” a Belfast author, received an order from the military authorities to leave Ireland. Mr. Pim was connected with the Irish Volunteer movement in Ulster.



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