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Crushoa wedge tomb – 1969

Connacht Tribune 10th October, 1969 p.21

Down by the shore Photo: Norma Scheibe
Down by the shore
Photo: Norma Scheibe

Another 4,000 year old tomb has been found in County Galway, as a result of information supplied by Mr William O’Brien, Land Reclamantion Officer, Renmore, Galway. The tomb, situated on the land of Mr J.W. Duane, Crushoa, Kinvara, is a gallery type wedge grave, somewhat smaller than the one recently described found on the land of Mr Des Kerrins at Ballinastague. The chamber dimensions are approximately as follows;
Length – 8 feet;
width 6 feet 6 ins;
Height – 4 feet;
Children of the Fahy family Crushoa, Martha, Sarah and Josephine, were delighted to point out the location of the tomb to the visitors who verified its authenticity, the visitors being, Mr Sean O’Nuallain, Archaeological Officer in the Ordnance Survey’ Mr P.G. Coen, M.P.S.I. Gort; V. Rev Fr. Martin Ryan, P.P. Ruane, a leading member of the Thomond Archaeological Society; Mr E. Rynne, lecturer in Celtic Archaeology, U.C.G. and Mr E. Fox, Galway



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