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A Gallant Rescue – 1872

Freeman’s Journal 11th March, 1872 p.3

County Clare  Photo: Norma Scheibe
County Clare
Photo: Norma Scheibe

On the 2nd inst a boat from the County Clare, with a cargo of seaweed on board, struck on a sunken rock about a quarter of a mile from the lighthouse on the Beeves Rock, and six men and a girl, its occupants, were in a moment struggling in the sea. Mr E Rohu, the lighthouse keeper, perceiving the accident, at once launched a small gunning boat and at great risk of his life, the waves sweeping clean over his frail vessel, succeeded in saving the lives of the seven poor people. The brave fellow made three trips to land, his boat being able to carry but two persons at a time. The last saved was utterly exhausted, and on the point of sinking when he had returned to the rescue. The act was a gallant one and merits the notice of the Royal Human Society.



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