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The races at Kinvara-Dooras – 1909

Connacht Tribune 31st July 1909 p.6

Pferdeauge  Photo: Waugsberg  Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Waugsberg
Wikimedia Commons

Garland Monday must be considered a red-letter day in the sporting annals of the town of the “Ould Plaid Shawl.” The Kinvara-Dooras Races were run on Monday, July 26th over the Newtown-Lynch course, and were a complete success. The entries were large and the racing good.  A large concourse of spectators were present, and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Dublin bookmakers patronised the enclosure, and backers seemed to have got the better of the results. Some of the “bookies” complained bitterly of the knowledge of horse-flesh displayed by the patrons of the “sport of Kings,” and they appeared to have left under the impression that Kinvara men were keen sportsmen.  All races were started sharp to time, and all praise is due to Mr M. Donohue, Co. C., J.P. and his capable assistant stewards for their great efforts in having brought these races to such a successful conclusion.
The day was beautifully fine, which added to the enjoyment of the proceedings. Perhaps the best race of the day was the last, in which Mr W. Carr. D.C., figured as owner and rider of Salamanca, a horse, which he informed our sporting correspondent, “beat the train from Athenry to Ardrahan!” This achievement was speedily made known to the bookmakers, who seemed very slow to take any money on this famous racer, which was got by De Wet, out of Ladysmith. Salamanca carried 11st 4lb., a weight which seemed to have told with deadly effect on the animal.

Mr. W. Carr (Bill) made a most plucky effort to win the race, and when hazel seemed to have no effect on Salamanca, he had recourse to another expedient. Viewing the leading horses from across the course, he made a desperate effort to head them by riding right across.  Happily for the leaders, the marquees formed a rather formidable barrier and, instead of shortening his course, Bill lengthened it somewhat. To his credit, be it said, he was in no way despondent, and finished game.
Dr. Connolly’s Kinvara Boy was a most popular win, and when the jockey, John Killeen, dismounted, he was met by an enthusiastic crowed of sportsmen who carried him on their shoulders over the course.
Special mention should be made of the fine performance of Railway Boy.
The course was in perfect condition and Mr M. O’Donohue seemed to be ubiquitous – acting as a Clerk of Scales, Starter, Judge, and as a dispenser of hospitality. He will long be remembered by patrons of these races.



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