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The Knight of County Clare – 1828

Freemans Journal 14th July, 1828 p.3   (abridged)

Daniel O'Connell   George Hayter National Portrait Gallery
Daniel O’Connell
George Hayter National Portrait Gallery
Wikimedia Commons

The return to the writ for the Election of a Knight to serve in Parliament for the County of Clare was received at the Crown office, London, on Thursday. The following is a copy of the return and the Indenture accompanying it;

By virtue of this writ, to me directed, I did within two days after the receipt of the same, (that is to say), on the 19th of June, 1828, cause proclamation to be duly made for holding an election, to be held at the County Court house of the County of Clare, at Ennis, on the 30th of June, 1828, of a Knight to serve in Parliament for said county.
Sir Edward O’Brien and Sir Augustine Fitzgerald, Bart., two of the said electors of Knights, did then nominate and propose the Right Hon William Vesey Fitzgerald, being a Protestant, as the most fit and discreet person to be elected. James Patrick O’Gorman Mahon and Thomas Steele, Esqrs, two other said electors, did nominate and propose Daniel O’Connell Esq., as the most fit and discreet person to be elected a Knight.  Daniel O’Connell did, at said Court, publicly declare and profess that he was a Roman Catholic, and that he intended always to continue a Roman Catholic.

The poll commenced on the 1st day of July, 1828 and continued until the 5th day of July, when same finally closed.
During the said poll electors did publicly protest against the election of said Daniel O’Connell insomuch as he was, and declared that he intended to continue, as Roman Catholic.
At the final close of said poll 982 electors voted for William Fitzgerald Vesey Fitzgerald, as a fit and proper person o be elected and 2,057 voted for said Daniel O’Connell as a fit a proper person to be elected a Knight to serve for said county.



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