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Now showing – Galway – 1913

Connacht Tribune 19th July, 1913 p.2

 Fox movietone 2 by Twentieth Century Fox  Wikimedia Commons

Fox movietone 2 by Twentieth Century Fox
Wikimedia Commons

During Oireachtas week the popular manager of the Galway Cinema Theatre will provide an unusually attractive programme for his numerous patrons, and in addition to the films given below, two sensational pictures, procured at enormous expense, will be shown during the week.
Lovers of exciting incidents and dramatic situations will be catered for largely.
Amongst the dramatic pictures are;
“The Making of Bronco Billy,”
“The Truant’s Doom,”
“Revolutionary Romance,”etc.
The humourous pictures include;
“How they Outwitted Father,”
“The Invisible Hand,” etc.

“Bee-keeping,” a highly interesting and instructive film will also be shown, and should attract a large number of those engaged in the bee-keeping industry. A special feature will be the Gaumont Graphic, which shows news of the week in pictures. A musical treat of a very high standard will be given by the orchestral band each evening. There will be a complete change of programme on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.



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