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The largest sheep fair in 50 years – Kinvara – 1912

Connacht Tribune 26th October, 1912 p5

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

The sheep fair was held on Thursday, October 17th, and was by long odds one of the largest held in Kinvara for over fifty years. Owing to the depression in the sheep trade for a considerable time, people were afraid it would be impossible to dispose of their stock at any price. All doubts on that point were set at rest the evening before the fair by the great influx of buyers to the town from all points of the compass. Tipperary, Roscommon, Clare, Cork, Limerick, Mayo, sent their quota to swell the big contingent of buyers. Hugs flocks of sheep were driven into the town all through the night, and long before day the town was crowded as it was never crowded before, the fair extending far out the Galway and Clare roads.