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The Snowdrop – 1896

Irish Examiner 30th May, 1896 p12 (abridged)

Photo: V.Kotyak Wikimedia Commons
Photo: V.Kotyak
Wikimedia Commons

A pretty legend is related in connection with the snowdrop;

Eve was weeping because of the dreariness of the earth after she had been driven from Eden. She longed to see a flower once more, but none grew in the place of her banishment. The snow fell steadily.

Eve called to an angel and told him of her woes. The angel came to her, caught a drifting snowflake, breathed upon it, and gave it to her. It transformed, and the Snowdrop was born.

“Summer comes, Eve” said the angel, and he left.  As he did a halo of the little flowers grew from his footprints.

Summer comes.




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