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Kinvara Parade – 1910

Nenagh Guardian 9th July 1910 p6 (abridged)

Photo: Keith Weller/USDA Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Keith Weller/USDA
Wikimedia Commons

There was a striking element of humour on Monday in Kinvara when some stock belonging to Mr Corless, of the Sharpe estate, which were seized as a result of a decree for non-payment of rent, was offered for sale.

The house of Mr Gaffney, another tenant was also taken possession of by the bailiffs as a result of a decree.

The reason assigned by Mr Corless and Mr Gaffney for allowing decrees to be obtained against them is that they wished to make a protest against the attitude of the landlord and the agent.

Before the sale the stock were paraded through the streets of Kinvara. A milch cow was decorated with green ribbons and had a card of membership of the Town Tenants’ League attached to her horns and a card underneath bore the militant motto of “No surrender.”

A calf followed bearing another card with the inscription “Mother’s motto is mine.” Then came a little boy dressed in green, seated on a donkey, with the words “No surrender” printed on his coat.

The animals were purchased for £11 14s the amount of the decree, by Mr Colgan, a U.I.L. organiser. The sheriff’s bailiff then proceeded to Mr Gaffney’s premises and auctioned a pianoforte for £12 16s, Mr Colgan again being the purchaser.




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