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A trip to Kinvara – 1912

Tuam Herald August, 31st 1912 p2 (abridged)

Dunguaire Photo: c.  Norma Scheibe
Photo: c. Norma Scheibe

Mr Jack Yates and Mrs Yates are staying at Coole Park with Lady Gregory. He is a distinguished artist of the new school of Irish art. On Sunday a party from Coole drove to Dungory Castle – the fine old castle owned by Edward Martyn – and lunched there. It is said Mr Yates will paint a large picture of it.
It is one of the finest ruins in Ireland – kept in excellent preservation by Mr Martyn who pays a caretaker, Mr Hanbury, to look after it. The wall which surrounds it is complete. It overlooks an arm of the little Bay of Kinvara, itself an arm of Galway Bay and around and about are countless springs of fresh water bubbling up from the ground and coming by subterranean ways from the lake of Coole, six miles off as the crow flies.
The water of Coole itself comes from the Devil’s Punch Bowl at Gort, outside Lord Gough’s beautiful demesne, where a seething bottomless pool of water may be seen, one of the wonders of nature. it is never empty, always in motion like a vast cauldron stirred by a giant.



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