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A singular occurrence – Galway – 1835

Welshman 2nd October 1835.

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

In 1830 a lady came to reside in Galway bringing with her a very interesting daughter about eight years of age. The husband of the lady had deserted her, and no tidings of him could be had. Whilst in Galway she married again, and died in childbed of her first child by the second marriage.
Upon coming to Galway she was engaged by a most respectable lady in town to give lessons to her children, and the lady was so struck with the child of the visiting governess that she took it into her house and generously afforded her a home. All this time the poor child knew nothing of her father; she supposed him to be dead, and the second husband of the mother had left the town.
Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, a great change came across the views of the doubly orphaned object of the benevolent lady’s care. A few days ago the first husband of the visiting governess – the child’s father – who was considered dead, arrived in Galway from India, with a considerable sum of money, the fruit of his industry. He inquired for his wife and found that she had been the wife of another, and had gone to the grave.
He then inquired for his child. He discovered her abode and claimed her as his own. The lady, beneath whose roof she had been nurtured, was most anxious to retain her, but the returned parent could not be prevailed upon, and after pouring out his grateful acknowledgments to the humane lady who had been a mother to the reputed orphan, he left with his young charge for the county of Cavan.



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