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Baboon at large – Mallow – 1892

Cardiff Evening Express, 30 July 1892

Photo: Charles J Sharp Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Charles J Sharp
Wikimedia Commons


During the stay of Sanger’s circus at Mallow on Thursday a large baboon escaped from its cage and caused consternation among the spectators, who ran off in all directions. The animal rushed down a street, and, seizing a dog, killed it. It then bolted into a china shop, where it caught a child by the neck and gave it a severe scratch, causing blood to flow. Again rushing into the street, it injured another child, cutting its cheek severely with its claws.

An excited crowd pursued the baboon armed with pitchforks and staves, but it ran from street to street, spreading consternation everywhere. Some policemen at length managed to shoot the animal. Mr. Sanger has, it is stated, threatened to bring an action against the police for £200, the alleged value of the animal and the persons whose children were injured have threatened proceedings against Mr. Sanger.



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