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Sell or return – 1766

April 24, 1766

Wikimedia Commons

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Lancaster, April 15, 1766. (abridged)
WAS committed to my Custody, on suspicion of being a runaway servant, a Girl, who calls herself Isabel Beard.

She was born in Ireland, and came in the Snow Pitt above two Years ago.  She is about 4 Feet 8 Inches high, had on  a blue Stuff Gown, striped Linsey Petticoat and Bed Gown, old Shoes and Stockings.  She says she belongs to a certain William Grimes, a Jobber, and late of York County, where she says she left him.

Her Master therefore is hereby desired to come, pay her Charges, and take her away, otherwise she will be sold for her Fees, by MATTHIAS BOOGH, Goaler.


October 12, 1769
The Pennsylvania Gazette

New Castle County, October 3, 1769.
WAS committed to the goal of this county, upon suspicion of being runaway servants;

JOHN MONEY, born in Ireland, about 5 feet 6 inches high, black hair, pale complexion, by trade a weaver.  When committed he had on a light coloured homespun cloth coat, linsey waistcoat, and coarse tow trousers.

ELIZABETH MOORE, a native Irish woman, about 30 years of age, fair complexion, brown hair.  When committed, she had on a stampt cotton gown of a purple colour, a linsey petticoat, shoes, and stockings.

Their masters (if any they have) are desired to come, pay their cost, and take them away, in 6 weeks from this date, or they will be sold for the same by THOMAS PUSEY, Goaler.



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