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A Plucky Woman – 1885

Freeman’s Journal 18th April, 1885


On Saturday, February 28, Mrs. Healy, Loughrea, wife of the evicted tenant, who is undergoing two months’ imprisonment for for forcible possession, was arrested and charged before Major Rogers, J.P., with assaulting two emergency men who were in occupation of the farm from which Healy and his family were evicted on the 2nd January. There was a further charge of being found digging on tho land also preferred against her. Major Rogers thought it was a case for the petty sessions, and ordered the woman’s discharge, summonses to be taken out against her for the next court day.

Later on in the day a cabin which she erected for the shelter of herself and children on the boreen leading to the house was knocked down by the emergency men. Mrs. Healy has applied for a summons against them.



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