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The Great Skellig – 1826


Skellig Michael Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki -Wikimedia Commons
Skellig Michael
Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki -Wikimedia Commons

The Monitor (Sydney) 17th November, 1826 (abridged)

The Great Skellig Rock is situated in the Atlantic, near Valentia Island, and is over 300 feet in height. The Ballast Board are erecting a Light-house there and the Board are exceedingly censurable in not having provided against such a dreadful casualty as our Correspondent describes:-

“There are about forty workmen now on the Skellig Rock nearly a month without victuals or firing, and the weather is so bad that no relief can be given them. The signal of death is constantly flying from the Rock.
Two men escaped about a fortnight ago by jumping off, and were most miraculously saved by the relief boat, though she could not approach the Rock. The account the men give of their fellow sufferers’ privations is melancholy.”
Lim. Eve. Post.



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