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Kinvara Baptisms – 1843

Cappella brancacci,  Date: from 1424 until 1428 Masaccio (1401–1428)

Cappella brancacci,
Date: from 1424 until 1428
Masaccio (1401–1428)

Kinvara Baptisms June -October 1843

From LDS film #0979692

Civil Parish Kinvarradoorus
Diocese Kilmacduagh

Earliest Record: b.6.1831;m.7.1831
Missing Dates: b.5.1837-6.1843,8.1853-7.1854;m.5.1837-6.1843,8.1853-7.1854

Date          Child            Father           Mother               Sponsor 1          Sponsor 2             Notes     Townland
23-Jun Mary Hynes John Hynes Mary Connelly Michael Hynes Mary Hynes
29-Jun John Jeremiah Bourke Bridget Ryan Matt Feeney Mary Driscole
29-Jun Honor Finn John Finn Bridget Mason Peter McDonnell Libby McDonnell
30-Jun Mary Kelly Bart Kelly Bridget Forde John McInerheny Mary Linnane
2-Jul Pat Kelly Pat Kelly Ellen Groman / GronJohn Kelly Bridget Fahey
2-Jul Catherine Fahey Owen Fahey Catherine Fahey John Fahey Honor Gronan
2-Jul John Joseph Gavin Joseph Mary Fahey John Brady Bridget Rush
6-Jul Thomas Hynes Michael Hynes Mary Kerin Tom Fahey Mary Donelan
6-Jul Ann Finnegan Martin Finnegan Libby Farrell John McGavin Mary Glynn
7-Jul John Langley Michael Langley Mary Mclysaght Pat Grealish Mary Tully
9-Jul Honor Nee Patt Nee Honor Jordan James Nee Honor Carrol
13-Jul Biddy Nelly James Nelly Biddy Nelly John Nee Mary Nelly
13-Jul Catherine Glynn Michael Glynn Biddy (cut off) Matt Grady Mary Grady
14-Jul Charles Rooney Tim Rooney (cut off) (cut off) (faded) (faded)
16-Jul John Tierney John Tierney Mary Fahy Mart Keaney Bridget Fahy
16-Jul William Malley Michael Malley Catherine Fahey Pat O’Shea Mary Larkin
16-Jul Anne Carran Patt Carran Bridget Walshe Pat Forde Peggy Meehan
16-Jul Mary Halloran Laurence Halloran Mary Neelan Morty Glynn Bridget Ward
20-Jul Mary Foundation Michael Foundation Peggy Farrell John Stanton Mary Stanton
20-Jul Michael Lally Michael Lally Mary Ward John (ink blot) Mary Ward
20-Jul Cecelia Fahy Michael Fahy Mary Fahy Pat Duggan Margaret Fahy
23-Jul Biddy Neilan Tom Neilan Biddy Mahon Patt Mullavin (?) Mullavin
27-Jul Mary Long Richard Long Ellen Scanlan Andrew McHugo Honora McHugo
27-Jul William Gallery Thomas Gallery Honora Keating Bryan Gallery Sabina Gallery
27-Jul Patrick Linnane Martin Linnane Mary Douglass John Connole Catherine Douglass
27-Jul John McMahon John McMahon Mary Martin Lissana Turner
27-Jul Michael Conlan David Conlan Mary Nickel Michael Kering Mary Donnellan
27-Jul John Grady Pat Grady Catherine Healy Pat Burn Bridget Healy
3-Aug Peter Linnane Thomas Linnane Mary Healy Michael Fahy Mary Halvey
4-Aug Betty Boland Pat Boland Mary Vigno?? Thomas Walsh Rose Mahon
5-Aug Maria Ryan Thomas Ryan Jane Hynes William Hynes Mary Hynes
6-Aug Michael Casey Michael Casey Bridget O’Loughlin Pat Monaghan Ellen Scanlan poor
6-Aug Pat Linnane Thomas Linnane Ellen Linnane Pat Spellman Mary Divane pd 2.6
6-Aug John Reynolds John Reynolds Biddy Connelly (can’t read) (can’t read) poor
8-Aug Michael Fahy James Fahy Honor Kerins James Neylan Mary Haraward pd 2.6
9-Aug Margaret Gardiner Pat Gardiner Mary Rooney Thomas Nicholson Margaret Lally pd 2.6
10-Aug Honor Walsh Michael Walsh Honor Madden John McGan Ellen Costelloe pd 2.6
10-Aug Mary Craven Michael Craven Ann Ward Michael Leich Catherine (can’t read)pd 2.6
10-Aug Biddy Jordan Frank Jordan Mary Kierse Robert Purcel Mary Kierse pd 2.6 Gortnaglough
13-Aug Margaret Cun???? Thomas Cun???? Mary Neilan John Mellidy Nancy Mellidy pd 2.6
17-Aug Judy Conole Edward Conole Mary Deviny Thomas Brennan Bridget Connole pd 2.6
17-Aug Mary Conole Edward Conole Mary Deviny Thomas Brennan Brigget Connole pd 2.6
17-Aug Mary Hehir Pat Hehir Nance Linnane Pat Rowan Mary Kelly pd 2.6
18-Aug Bartholomew Kerin Darby Kerin Mary Daly Mart Kean Bridget O’Loughlin pd 2.6
18-Aug Michael Green Thomas Green Honor Shaughnessy Thomas Daly Mary King pd 2.6
24-Aug Catherine Killalea Thomas Killalea Biddy Grady John Leich Mary Larkin pd 2.6
2? Aug Michael Lally Michael Lally Bridget Donohue Laurence Finan Mary Burke pd 2.6
2? Aug Bartly Kelly Fardy Kelly Letitia Silk Thomas Nicholson Peggy Kean pd 2.6
31-Aug Michael Keeff Daniel Keeff Mary Shaughnessy John Keeffe Bridget Keeffe pd 2.6
31-Aug Mary Lee Michael Lee Bridget Madden James Jordan (can’t read)
31-Aug Mary Corcoran James Corcoran Mary Morris Martin Kelly Catherine Daly pd 2.6
3-Sep Ann McGrale John McGrale Sarah Joyce Malachy Scanlan Mary Feeny pd 2.6
3-Sep Margaret Joyce John Joyce Mary (can’t read) Betty McGuire (can’t read) pd 2.6
3-Sep Michael Fahy Pat Fahy (can’t read) (can’t read) (can’t read)
7-Sep Thomas Swift John Swift Ellen O’Brien Matt Killeen Catherine Fahy pd 2.6
7-Sep Michael Mannion Pat Mannion Bridget Mullins Colmon Donahue Ellen Mannion pd 2.6 Rue
7-Sep Mary Quinn Patt Quinn Margaret Browne Pat Quinn Mary Kean pd 2.6 Gortskeigh
7-Sep Michael Quinn Michael Quinn Biddy Nee James Feeny Margaret Feeny pd 2.6 Huogera?
7-Sep Brady Moran James Moran Biddy Quinn John Fahy Ann Long pd 2.6 ?elorek
7-Sep Ann Monahan Pat Monahan Catherine Connelly Michael Loughlin Biddy Donahue poor
12-Sep Pat Cavanagh Pat Cavanagh Honor Kilkelly Martin Linane Catherine Kelly pd 2.6 Park More
14-Sep Michael Fahy Pat Fahy Ann Lynch John Nee pd 2.6
14-Sep Michael Kelly Michael Kelly Honor Hehir Peter Kelly Sally Kelly pd 2.6 Capamore
14-Sep Ellen Halvey John Halvey Betty Sullivan Tim Halvey Honor Sullivan pd 2.6
14-Sep Honor Corbet Henry Corbet Mary Fahy Pat Quinn Bridget Quinn pd 2.6
15-Sep Mary Healy Bryan Healy Betty Mahon Michael Healy Betty O’Dea pd 2.6 Millpark
17-Sep Mary Jordan Michael Jordan Bridget Linnane Pat O’Brien Bridget Tuohil pd 2.6
17-Sep Ellen Burke Peter Burke Ellen Dealy Peter O’Mealy Margaret Mahon pd 2.6
17-Sep Mary Donahue Malachy Donahue Mary Gegan Dennis Mahon Ann Mahon pd 2.6
21-Sep Pat Carrig Bartly Carrig Mary Shaughnessy Pat Curly Catherine Curly pd 2.6 Kinvara
21-Sep Thomas Kilkelly Peter Kilkelly Mary Hynes Thomas Hession Sally Kilkelly pd 2.6
21-Sep Honor Quinn Bartly Quinn Mary Moylan Pat Quinn Biddy Quinn pd 2.6 Crushoe
21-Sep Michael Stanton John Stanton Betty Healy Mart Stanton Cecelia Hynes pd 2.6
28-Sep Mary Mullovin John Mullovin Mary Martin Pat Shea Mary Ward pd 2.6
28-Sep Catherine Cooney Michael Cooney Biddy Mannion Paty Hynes Biddy Connellan pd 2.6
28-Sep Catherine Dillon Michael Dillon Babb McDonagh Pat Dillon poor Kinvara
28-Sep Michael Kildea William Kildea Honor Donahue Michael Dillon illegit. Kinvara
28-Sep Catherine Howe Pat Howe Nancy Mack John Brennan Mary Mooris illegit. Park More
5-Oct Michael Lee Michael Lee Mary Joint Pat Joint Mary Lally pd 2.6 Killeen
5-Oct Margaret Connole Michael Connole Bridget Kilkelly Bartly Connors Mary Linnane pd 2.6 Park More
5-Oct Mary Kilkenny John Kilkenny Mary Malony John Burke Catherine Mobry pd 2.6 Knocklera
6-Oct Michael Kilkelly Francis Kilkelly Biddy O’Donnell Michael Connors Mary Connors illegit. Cahercun
8-Oct Winny Fahy Thomas Fahy Bridget Murray Thomas Daly Bridget Kilkelly pd 2.6
8-Oct Bartly Hehir John Hehir Bridget Fleming Michael Comber Betty Fleming pd 2.6 Cloush
12-Oct Mart Parker John Parker Catherine Connole James Parker Mary Parker pd 2.6
12-Oct Honor Murphy Martin Murphy Jane Moran Pat Murphy Bridget Glynn pd 2.6 Lough Curra
12-Oct Catherine Driscole Thomas Driscole Mary Neylan Thomas Neylan Mary Neylan pd 2.6 Nogera
12-Oct John Joseph Burke Pat Burke Ellen Finnane Pat Burke Mrs Finnane pd 2.6 Kinvara
12-Oct Bridget Connelly Laurence Connelly Honor Fihely Fardy Kelly Mary Fihely pd 2.6 Mt. Scribe
18-Oct Michael Corlis Pat Corlis Judy Coen John Feeny Bessy Conlan pd 2.6 Killeen
18-Oct Honor Rock Pat Rock Biddy Cavanagh John Fannian Biddy Burke pd 2.6
22-Oct Catherine Lahy Thomas Lahy Kate O’Brien Thomas Hehir Kate Fahy pd 2.6
22-Oct Frances Helen Taaffe Pat Taaffe Ellen Higgins Charles Higgins Ellen Kilkelly pd 2.6 Kinvara
22-Oct Pat Kelly Laurence Kelly Mary (can’t read) Michael Kelly ? Butler pd 2.6 Kinvara
22-Oct (can’t read entry)
26-Oct Mary Sullivan Pat Sullivan Pen Kilkelly Michael Fahy Bridget Fahy pd 2.6
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