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Advance notice – 1909

Coole Park, Gort Photo: AMcCarron Wikimedia Commons
Coole Park, Gort
Photo: AMcCarron
Wikimedia Commons
Hansard Commons Deb 28 June 1909 vol 7 c195W

Mr. DUFFY asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware of the fact that the sergeant of the Royal Irish Constabulary stationed at Kinvara, county Galway, sends a telegram to the police authorities at Gort on each occasion that Mr. Michael O’Donohoe, J.P., county councillor, Kinvara, visits Gort in discharge of his public duties; will he state the cause or justification for such action, having regard to the fact that Mr. O’Donohoe discharges his duties conscientiously to all concerned?

I do not know whether the facts are as alleged, and I see no reason to inquire as to the manner in which the Constabulary authorities exercise their discretion in a case of the kind.