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Canals completed – 1850

South Australian Register 5th March 1850

River Shannon Photo: Laurel Lodged Wikimedia commons
River Shannon
Photo: Laurel Lodged
Wikimedia commons
Under the influence of the Shannon Commissioners the inland steam navigation of Ireland has been prosecuted with vast success, amidst all the difficulties presented by a state of social and political disorganization. The navigation of the Shannon has been effected, and that magnificent pride of Irish waters is now open for all purposes of traffic.

The father of the Shannon navigation improvements, Charles Wye Williams, Esq., lately enjoyed the highest pleasurable satisfaction in steaming nearly to the Lough Allen source of that noble river, and to the head of one of its great tributaries’ the Boyle Waters, within an English mile of the important town of Boyle.

At Athlone there is a new bridge, capped with masses of Cashel marble, each weighing from 10 to 15 tons; and a lock has been constructed, capable of passing any steamer suited to the navigation of the line. Near Lanesborough a branch canal is being cut to Roscommon. In Lough Forbes a dangerous shoal has been removed, and the works and clearances in Lough Boderg, the Carnadoe waters, and the Jamestown Canal, prove the difficulties, expense, and labour involved in the undertaking.

Near to Battle bridge, a new canal to Lough Allen commences, named after the earl of Clarendon, and the works partake of the same durable and admirable character as on every other portion of the navigation. The facilities of intercourse opened out by these improvements are still to be extended, and in a year or two the water communication between Limerick and Belfast will be complete by means of Lough Neagh, and the Logan and Ulster navigation with Enniskillen by means of Lough Erne.



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