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Without fear of contradiction – 1826

Photo: fir0002 - wikimedia commons
Photo: fir0002 – wikimedia commons
The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 16th August, 1826
Latest English News.

On Thursday night the Earl of Darnley stated that, “without any fear of contradiction, he could assert the condition of the slave in the West Indies to be by no means so bad as the condition of the peasant in the West of Ireland.”
The Earl is intimately connected with Ireland. He is, in.fact, the owner of 30,000 acres of the land on which about 20,000 of the seven millions are fed. He is one of the few Irish proprietors who constantly reside upon their estates, who are indefatigable in promoting the improvement of their own property, while they humanely adopt every means of ameliorating the condition of their tenantry. He is, one of the few landlords who can speak from personal experience, and does not depend for his information upon the reports of agents and factors.
When his Lordship describes the condition of the Irish as infinitely more wretched than the state of the West India slave, his description is applicable, not, we presume, to his own tenantry, but to the tenants of less considerate landowners, who have deserted their estates.



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