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A profitable experiment – 1826

Koala Wikimedia commons
Wikimedia commons

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 19th July, 1826


In the year 1823, His Majesty’s government was induced to make an experiment, upon a very small scale, of conveying emigrants from Ireland to the British Colonies in North America, which was attended with the greatest success.  The average expense for carrying out the emigrant, locating him, and maintaining him for a year was about £22 per head only.  Small as this sum appears, however, it is obvious that, to act upon an extensive scale, it would require a great sum of money were the strea of emigration to be directed to our shores.

In appearance, then, it would be impolite in His Majesty’s Government to give this country (Australia) such preference.  However, the colonies in North America, from their climate and soil are not calculated to afford a return for labour anything equalling New South Wales.

Nova Scotia might be situated in a favourable part of the temperate zone but its atmosphere, for a great part of the year, is clouded with a thick fog which renders it unhealthy.  For four or five months it is intensely cold while the soil, apart from that which is on the banks of the rivers, is thin and barren.

Australia possesses a climate and soil which cannot be surpassed.



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