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A Curious dog story – 1910

Irish Terrier - 1915 Wikimedia commons
Irish Terrier – 1915
Wikimedia commons



A rather curious story comes to me this week.  An Irish terrier was sent all the way from Rome by its owner, a great lady of the Italian capital, to be buried in Ireland.  The lady was passionately fond of the dog, and when it died recently she had it embalmed and encased in an elaborate and expensive coffin.  

She immediately communicated with a firm of London lawyers, requesting them to find some place in Ireland where her pet could be buried and its remains rest undisturbed.  As a result, she was put into communication with J….. L….., B……… L…., the famous race horse owner.  He agreed to allow the dog to be buried on his estate, and the coffin from the Italian woman duly arrived from Rome.  After the interment the bereaved owner of the Irish terrier paid Mr L…. a check for a substantial sum for the burial ground – probably two square feet – and also left the wherewithal to purchase a tombstone.



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