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Hit and Run – 1889

Creative Commons
Creative Commons
Many of our readers will learn with regret, from the following extract from the Galway Express of 24th August, that an alarming accident has happened to Mrs. De Burgh Persse, though happily no serious results were apprehended :
” On Tuesday evening last, while Mrs. De Burgh Persse and her two sons were driving home from Galway in a light-running pony trap they carne in contact with a goods-van at Salthill, whioh struck against the vehicle with great force causing it to upset, throwing Mrs. Perse and the oldest boy out on the roadway,
“while the youngest boy was caught underneath the car. The driver of the van, it appears, instead of rendering any assistance, whipped on his horse and dashed at full speed into town, and up to the present has not been identified.
Mrs. Persse was very much shaken by the accident, but the younger boy remained unconscious for several hours, and great anxiety prevailed amongst the members of Mrs, Persse’s family. However, on Wednesday morning the poor little sufferer, who is only about 7 years old, showed much improvement, and is now beyond all cause for uneasiness.



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