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Courage in Curranrue – 1847

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

20th March, 1847 p4
FEMALE INTREPIDITY.-On Monday, as the Misses Crow, of Derriwillan, were returning from the sea shore, to their lodge, at Curranrue, they heard a shriek, and, on turning, saw a little boy running towards them, exclaiming that his brother was drowning in the sea. Both young ladies hastened to the spot, and arrived as the youth made his appearance a second time on the surface of the water. In a moment he was down again, and Miss Crow, throwing away her cloak and bonnet, rushed into the water to save him, but the place being very steep, before she was able to reach him she got beyond her depth, and down she went also.
Miss Lucy Crow, seeing her sister in such imminent danger, plunged into her rescue, but had not proceeded many yards when she found she could not go further without placing herself in the same perilous position, and that then all would be lost. In agonising suspense she stretched forth her hand to save her; alas! it was useless; they were too far asunder, and down her sister went again, overpowered by the weight of the little boy, who got entangled with the grasp of the dying in her hair and neck. But as if Providence would have it so, this time she was carried by the force of the waves on to a rock in the water, and, for a moment, resting her foot upon it, the brave girl reached forward so as lo be enabled to meet the outstretched arm of her intrepid sister, who, at length, succeeded in bringing herself and her young charge in safety to the shore.

One is at a loss which to admire, the intrepid bravery of the one or the judgment and presence of mind of the other of these young ladies, who, on returning to Derriwillin, will carry with them the blessings of the parents and friends of the youth whose life they thus, at the risk of their own, pro-videntially saved.- Galway Mercury. [What a beautiful subject for the poet and the painter.]


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