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Moving Bog – Village overwhelmed – 1909

Photo: Miika Silfverberg
Photo: Miika Silfverberg
The Intermountain Catholic, February 27, 1909 p 6
Details have just begun to reach Boston of a disaster in the west of Ireland, which in many respects has had no parallel in recent years.
Because of heavy rains and a severe frost, which was again followed by a thaw and more rain, a great section of a bog detached itself from the side of Mount Mary in County Galway and moved along silently in the night, overwhelming an entire village.
The people were all asleep and the first intimation they had of the disaster was the houses began to rock and move from their foundations. Some of the people, on trying to escape, found themselves waist deep in mud. The disaster came so suddenty and the bog moved with such rapidity that it was with the utmost difficulty that the people could get to safe ground, and in spite of all efforts one woman lost her life.
Cattle and livestock of all kinds were lost, and, or course, the people lost all their personal property. Ten houses were totally destroyed and fully 100 were damaged, some of them very seriously.
The latest accounts received in Boston state that 200 acres in the villages of Ballygar and Kilmore were covered with mud to a depth of twelve feet and that the bog is still moving, but much more slowly that at the outset.
The disaster attracted general attention in the west of Ireland.


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