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“The greatest wonder…” Lady Gregory

Kinvara - Gateway to the Burren Photo: D.Johnston
Kinvara – Gateway to the Burren
Photo: D.Johnston

The Catholic Press (NSW: 1885-1942) Thursday 22nd, July, 1926 Page 3

Excerpt of review titled Lady Gregory’s Note-book 
An entertaining volume.
“The greatest wonder I ever saw was one time near Kinvara at a funeral. There came a car along the road and a lady on it having a plaid cloak, as was the fashion, and a big hat, and she kept her head down and never looked at the funeral at all. I wondered at her when I saw that, and I said to my brother it was a strange thing a lady to be coming past a funeral and not to look on at it at all. And who was on the car but O’Gorman Mahon, escaping from the Government, and dressed up as a lady! He drove to Father Arthur’s house in Kinvara and there was a boat waiting, and a cousin of my own in it, to bring him out to a ship and so he made his escape”.

Lady Gregory claims the right to praise “The Kiltartan History Book,” because as she says, “there is not in it one word of my own.” But she has contrived all the same to impart a share of her sly humour into almost every page.