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Kinvara Races – 1920


Photo: Norma Scheibe

Officials—Dr. T. J. Connolly,
Judge. B. J. Winkle
Starter. M. J. Leech
Clerk of Scale and Course. P. Kilkelly,
President. P. C. Feeney,
Treasurer. J. B. Davenport, Hon.
Sec. M. Valentine

  1. B,. Dunbar, Secretary of the Irish Racing _Association , Handicapper.

Stewards—P. J. Flatley, F. J. Johnston, M. Staunton, J. Burke, M. Hynes, E. Connors, M. Greene, C. St, George, W. Hynes, T. St. George.

First Race, 1.30 .p.m.—THE VOLUNTEER PLATE. A Hurdle Handicap of £15. Distance about 2 miles. The second horse to receive £2 out of Plate. Entrance Fee, 7s 6d.

Second Race 2.30 p,m.—TRADERS’ PLATE. A Hurdle Handicap ot £12. Distance about 2 miles. Tho second horse to receive £1 out of Plate. Entrance Fee, 7s. 6d.

Third ‘Race, 3.15 p.m.—KINVARA PLATE A Handicap Steeplechase of £25 Distance about 2 and a half miles. Second horse to receive £2 out of Plate. Entrance Fee, 10s.

Fourth Race, 4 p.m.—STEWARDS’ PLATE. A Flat Handicap Race of £10. Distance about 1 and a half miles. The second horse to receive £1 out of Plate. Entrance Fee., 7s. 6d.

Fifth Race; 4.45 p.m.—GORTSHANVOGH PLATE. A Flat Race of £8. Distance about l and a half miles. Second to receive £1 out of Plate. Catch Weights at 9st. 71bs. and over. Entry 5s. To close at scales with Mr. Leech.


The decision of the Stewards to be final in all cases. No appeal to a court of law-All Entries to be made with Sir. Valentine J. R. Dunbar, Handicapper, 28, North William Street, Dublin. Three horses the bona-fide property of different owners to start or no race. All Jockeys must wear colours. All accounts due by Race Committee to be furnished to the Hon. Sec. within one fortnight after Races.
Entries Close September 16th.

Tariff — Tents, £1; Motors, 5s.; Vehicles, 2s. 6d. Steamboat and Char-a-banc services from Galway arranged for. (Char a banc is an early type of bus service used for pleasure trips. It was usually open topped.)

A Pipers Band will be in Attendance.

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Kinvara races – 1923

Connacht Tribune 7th July, 1923 p.7

Photo: EO'D
Photo: EO’D

Accident at Kinvara races
Two rather serious accidents occurred at Kinvara race meeting on Jun 28th. In the second race J. Norris, who was riding Mr. P. Donnelly’s Paravid, had the misfortune to fall and break his leg. In the fourth race, the Stewards’ Plate, M. Holland, who was riding Mr T. Wall’s Solid Gold, had a very nasty fall on his head. He was taken to St. Bride’s Home, Galway suffering from concussion of the brain. He is receiving treatment there and is progressing favourably.