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Headache Cure – Killina – 1937

Photo: Norma Scheibe

From Margaret Cavanagh – aged 10
For constant “splitting” headache the people here (Killina) get their heads “measured” by Pat Linane Cappacasheen or by Pat Joynt Poulataggle, to cure them. They do it with a piece of twine. They say certain prayers about the Blessed Trinity when they do this cure.

This snippet of  lore comes from the website. It comprises part of the National Folklore Collection, property of University College Dublin held in trust for the people of Ireland. Content was collected by local children in 1937 and 1938, carefully transcribed under the supervision of their teachers and forwarded with great pride to form part of the Collection.


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Cloonasee – 1938

From Margaret Kavanagh aged 10

Cloonasee brambles

There was a man in our village Cloonasee once and he was blind. One day a woman came in and said that she would cure him if he gave her a bundle of straw: he said he would. She took a cup off the dresser and went out and began to pluck the leaves off the daisies and came in and put two spoons of water in it. She told the man to rub it to his eyes and he got cured.
“If you refused me for the straw you would never get back your sight,” she said