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Kinvara – 1987

Connacht Tribune 25th December, 1987 p6 (abridged)

Cruinniu na mBad, Kinvara Photo: EO’D

BBC (Bristol) have been in touch with the committee of Kinvara’s Cruinniú na mBád concerning the making of another film of that colourful traditional boat festival. Last autumn the BBC showed a half-hour long film made during the 1986 Cruinniú and their audience research revealed a very positive reaction.
The tenth Cruinniú to be held in August 1988 will not, as in previous years, be held early in the month. The reason for that is that the times for high-tide at the weekends in early August are particularly inconvenient for the traditional format of the three day event. Therefore, the committee had no option but to put it back to the last weekend of the month.

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Cruinniú na mBád

Connacht Tribune 14th August, 1987 p.22

Photo: Connacht Tribune
Photo: Connacht Tribune

For the curious there is a fascinating connection between Connemara badoirí and Kinvara Pier – pointed out by that brilliant Cruinniú organiser and founder, Tony Moylan.
Along the pier wall is a capping of concrete applied in the 19th century. Here and there in the concrete are footprints. The legend is that while the concrete was drying some boats of turf arrived from Connemara and the badoirí in clambering ashore sank their footwear in it.