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Cliffs of Moher – 1929

Irish Examiner 26th March, 1929 p8. (abridged)

Cliffs of Moher Photo: Michal Osmenda Creative Commons

A plea for the preservation of the public right of access to the Cliffs of Moher, one of Clare’s most famous tourist sights, was made by Mr. P.McGuire and Mr. P. Burke, Lisdoonvarna, to the Clare County Council.  They pointed out that the land leading to the cliffs was being divided.  A gate erected to facilitate the entry of tourists had been removed and the entrance built up. It was suggested that the attention of the Land Commission be directed to the matter, and portion of the land be vested in the Office of Public Works, who should be asked to convert it into a public park.
The Council adopted the suggestion of the deputation and decided to make representations to the Land Commission and Board of works on the matter.

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Fox Film at the Claddagh – 1929

Irish Examiner 25th September, 1929 p.8

Count John McCormack United States Library of Congress Wikimedia Commons
Count John McCormack
United States Library of Congress
Wikimedia Commons

Members of the Fox Film Company visited St. Nicholas’s School, Claddagh, Galway today and filmed scenes for a “talkie” of Irish life in which Count John McCormack plays the principal role. Count McCormack himself visited Galway last week and selected this school as the most suitable for the purpose of the film, in which he will be depicted as a poor Irish boy who leaves his native land when quite young, and achieves fame in America. The scenes filmed today are supposed to show Count McCormack’s School days. The children assembled in front of the school and sang an Irish Song, while there were also Irish step dances, and final picture was of a rush by the children leaving school, amongst them supposed to be the youthful McCormack.

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Burren Barracks protest – 1929

Connacht Tribune 1909-current, 02.03.1929, page 7

New Quay, County Clare
New Quay, County Clare

Poteen running

Over one hundred and fifty signatures, headed by that of the parish priest, have been appended to a petition of protest against the proposed removal of the civic guards’ barracks from New Quay, County Clare. The petition has been forwarded to the Chief Commissioner and is as follows …

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Killaloe – 1929

Evening Post Vol CVIII Issue 108 2nd November 1929 (abridged)

St Lua's church, Killaloe Uploaded by Chris55  Wikimedia Commons
St Lua’s church, Killaloe
Uploaded by Chris55
Wikimedia Commons


Friar’s Island, Killaloe, where eight centuries ago the pious monks of St. Lua’s Oratory preached Christianity to the Irish, will soon be a memory that has sunk beneath many waters. The waters are those of the Shannon, which will rise to cover it when the reservoirs for the new power scheme for distributing electricity about the countryside are filled.

Ireland could not see the old place go without a look, without a sigh, and without a prayer, so on a Saturday in July many people from Tipperary, Limerick, and County Clare gathered there to bid the island farewell and hear the priests celebrate Mass there for the last time. Mass had not been said there since the Oratory fell to ruin all those centuries ago. The monks have gone, the voices which were heard at Matins or at Vespers are for ever silent, and now the island itself has followed them to rest.